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SUPERHUMAN WORKS is created and owned by its President and Publisher ROB TAYLOR who has more than 15 years of comic book experience with Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Image Comics just to name a few. After working with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane in Arizona of 2000 Rob wanted to start his own line of comics using his very own created characters and comic book company Superhuman Works. This new independent venture into the industry of comic pop culture, SW (Superhuman Works) will dedicate its brand new line of comic book entertainment to its new readers by simply giving the people what they want. Great new raw talent artists, fresh new concepts, and state of the art quality comics.

SW is also in the beginning stages of building its universe. Yes ONE. "We don't want to confuse our readers with myriad of universes that don't coincide with one book and something else happening in a title what will branch off to a bunch of spin-offs not having anything to do with the original running title. Or re-rebirthing a character several times." Our signature character of Superhuman Works is the urban action black American hero NIGHT JAK. Since he is the first superhero created by Rob, and his brainchild he will play a very intricate part in the SW universe as a whole to all the other title characters we release. Once again we're doing things different, better! But Superhuman Works is not just a comic book company; it's a Multi-Media company all together.

Once our comic books have a solid and stable following, we will venture outward and within our business. Animated movie features, character collectible novelties, apparel, music and motion pictures and beyond. Superhuman Works is a young company that is vibrant with new ideas that are waiting to be born. But we are totally confident with Rob Taylor at the helm and his experience and business in this industry Superhuman Works has a bright and successful future ahead. optimized for 1280 x 1024 screen resolution, and Internet Explorer, Firefox, & Safari browsers | Your Screen Resolution:
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